Your Introduction to Devise Product Realization Hub

September 15, 2021

Your Introduction to Devise Product Realization Hub

Calling All Innovators, Suppliers, and Manufacturers!

What is Devise and what is its purpose?

The Devise Product Realization Hub is an EDA-funded program designed to support anyone within the product development lifecycle, including innovators and startups as well as established manufacturers and suppliers, free of charge.

Devise will provide product development services from early concepts to functional prototypes and anything in between. Additionally, training classes focusing on project management, ISO standards and implementation, and lean manufacturing will be offered through this program. These classes will help established manufacturers enhance their current operations. Devise’s goal is to become a self-sustaining resource that will assist in developing and introducing new products to the local manufacturing supply chain and in turn the global market. 

Who is Devise looking to help?

Devise is looking to help innovators, startups, and established manufacturers. If you need help bringing your idea to life or introducing a new product, this program can help you.  Devise will provide support to supplement a startup or existing manufacturers operations to reduce the necessary man-hours required by these companies to develop new products.

Devise will also support industrial suppliers who are looking to access training related to quality standards and ISO implementation in order to support medical device manufacturers and innovators through the product development pipeline.

Who should apply?

Anyone that is working in manufacturing or interested in developing a new product should apply. However, initial product development will focus on the medical device and healthcare sectors. Devise along with their partners can provide support from very early-stage startups to developed manufacturers. The goal is to assist in the development of new products and new skills for local companies and their workforce – the specific outcomes will be based on your needs. Providing these services will help enhance the regional competencies and create a more competitive regional supply chain. 

Who will work with you?

Devise is working with four partners to offer a wide range of services and support. 

The MCA Innovation Center will help support early-stage innovators and entrepreneurs with product market fit, customer discovery, and other business mentorship.

BIO El Paso-Juarez will connect and provide outreach to the medical device manufacturing and supplier network to find candidates for training and new product development opportunities as well as to help innovators source partners, collaborators, and resources.

Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center (TMAC) will provide training on project management, lean manufacturing, and ISO standards and implementation.

Fab Lab El Paso will provide access to a wide range of manufacturing equipment to help produce rapid prototypes.

More Information and upcoming events:

Applications open on September 15, 2021, with training and services beginning on October 1, 2021. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. However, limited spots are available. All services are provided free of charge through October 31, 2022. However, limited spots are available.

Information Sessions will be held via Zoom on Wednesday, September 29th at 8:30 AM MST and Wednesday, October 13th at 11:30 AM MST. Anyone interested in applying and learning more about the program is encouraged to attend.

You can also learn more or apply to the program at the website If you have any additional questions or comments, email or find us at the Cardwell Collaborative building on 5130 Gateway Blvd. East, El Paso, Texas. 

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