Visible from the Interstate 10, on the northern edge of the MCA campus, stands the iconic Cardwell Collaborative building. The $28 million LEED Silver "Certified" facility opened in 2016 and is home to the MCA Foundation headquarters.

The Cardwell Collaborative is a three-story, 60,000 square-foot biomedical research and technology commercialization building named for local businessman and philanthropist Jack Cardwell.

Developed by MCA Tech Park, Inc., a nonprofit subsidiary of the MCA Foundation, the Cardwell Collaborative is a “tech park” in one building. It features 20,000 square feet of biomedical incubator space (wet and dry laboratories, lab support, private offices, open offices and collaboration spaces) in a building that brings private start-up companies and university personnel together under one roof to collaborate.

The Cardwell Collaborative’s physical address is 5130 Gateway Blvd. East, El Paso, Texas 79905.


LEED Silver Certification

Americas Institute of Architects El Paso Design Award

Texas Tech University Alumni Design Award

The Construction Management Association of America’s 2017 Project Achievement Award

Current Tenants

MCA Foundation

The Medical Center of the Americas Foundation is committed to creating a biomedical industry and all the elements that make up a biomedical and innovation ecosystem. From assisting with workforce development, providing access to capital, and creating environments ripe for collaborative research, the Medical Center of the Americas Foundation implements projects to assist with the critical elements needed to develop a biomedical industry.

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso

The only academic health sciences center along the U.S.-Mexico border, TTUHSC El Paso provides the opportunities and environment for direct intellectual and interpersonal exchanges among nursing, medical, and graduate research students on one campus. TTUHSC El Paso has leased the second floor of the Cardwell Collaborative.

The City of El Paso

The City of El Paso’s Department of Economic and International Development is occupying office space on the first floor of the Caldwell Collaborative. The department’s focus is to create new employment opportunities in 21st-century industries, create a great quality of life for city residents, and facilitate business growth at the local and international levels.

Minerva Genetics

Minerva's state of the art genetic testing uses Next Generation DNA Sequencing to comprehensively analyze thousands of disease-causing genes to determine your risk of developing cancer. Minerva occupies office space on the first floor of the Caldwell Collaborative and wet lab space on the third floor.

UTHealth School of Public Health in El Paso

The UT School of Public Health EPRC offers certificate programs, a general Master of Public Health Degree (Customized, Health Promotion/Behavioral Sciences, and Environmental Health), a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Environmental Health, and a Doctor of Public Health degree in Health Promotion/Behavioral Sciences. They offer some of these classes from the Cardwell Collaborative Facility Conference Rooms and occupy office space on the third floor for administrative support.

Innovation Center Tenants


Oten Medical

Star Innovations


Active Company

MicroBioChip Diagnostics

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