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The Medical Center of the Americas Foundation is committed to increasing activity within Industry-Sponsored Clinical Trials across El Paso, Texas, Juarez, Mexico, and the southern New Mexico region. It is our mission to cultivate a dynamic biomedical industry and a globally competitive innovation/entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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What are clinical trials?

Clinical trials are an essential step in the process of bringing new treatments to patients. New medicines and therapies must undergo rigorous testing before they are approved for use by the FDA on human subjects. After successful animal studies, research moves into clinical trials; this involves human subjects to assess the safety or efficacy of a drug, device, diagnostic, treatment, preventive measure, or similar intervention.

The Future of Clinical Research

The following trends are shaping the future of clinical research:

Clinical Research As A Care Option

The industry looks to bridge the gap between healthcare and research so that clinical research will be presented as a care option during a patient’s routine office visit. In other words, the future of the clinical trial industry is expanding beyond academic medical center settings to cast a broader net through the convenience of the patient’s home or medical clinic. Competitive clinical trial hubs will effectively increase a patient’s access to trials and integrate clinical research into the continuum of care.

Increased Efficiency & Harmonization of the Clinical Research Industry

The process of bringing a new drug or device to market is too slow, too costly, and inefficient. Therefore, we are actively scanning the industry for solutions to support a more efficient drug development process.

Value Proposition of Enhancing the Region’s Clinical Research Industry

Improve patient access to life saving, cutting edge therapeutics and diagnostics.

Advance innovations & technology to improve patient recruitment, trial efficiency, performance & quality.

Grow world class research talent, high quality trial sites and centers of excellence.

Achieve better care, better outcomes and improved health and wellness for patients and make a significant contribution to the global community.

The Future of Clinical Research

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Our Region

The Paso del Norte region is made up of El Paso, Texas; Juarez, Mexico and southern New Mexico – a metroplex with a unique and desirable demographic for medical research. The combination of a high population density, a low number of current clinical trials, prevalent Hispanic population, and a growing healthcare market makes the Paso del Norte region an appealing hub for expanded clinical-research opportunities.

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