Make Your Mark. Become An Investigator, Coordinator, or Clinical Research Site. The Clinical Trial Academy aims to grow our region’s clinical research workforce and the number of active investigator sites conducting clinical research in El Paso, Texas and Las Cruces, New Mexico.

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Program Description

The Clinical Trial Academy is a program that empowers outpatient clinics, physicians, healthcare professionals, students, career, and job seekers to become part of the clinical research profession. Through education, training, partner introductions, and startup support, the Clinical Trial Academy supports students, job/seekers, healthcare providers, and outpatient healthcare clinics interested in clinical research to enter the profession. The Clinical Trial Academy is a joint program of the MCA’s Clinical Trial Program in partnership with the Association For Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP). This program is funded by Bristol Myers Squibb’s Organization for Latino Achievement (OLA). Download our virtual media kit below.

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Become a Clinical Trial Site

Are you an outpatient healthcare clinic looking for a way to grow your patient network and improve healthcare outcomes while also improving your bottom line? If so, opting to provide clinical research as a care option to your patients may be the strategy to get you there. New business processes and emerging business partners make it easier for independent physicians and community-based outpatient clinics to participate in clinical research. We want to meet with you to discuss your organization’s goals and interests, explore strategies for integrating clinical research into your practice, and discuss our services to help you get there. Want to learn more?

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Become an Investigator

We seek talented, experienced physicians (MDs, DDS’, DOs) and mid-level practitioners (NPs, PAs, PharmDs) to become clinical trial investigators. A clinical trial investigator is responsible for the planning and execution of a clinical study. The investigator is also expected to conduct ethical research, protect the rights of human participants, and contribute knowledge to their area of specialty. If you are a physician or mid-tier practitioner, this program offers– at no charge, the entry-level training and coaching you need to conduct clinical trials and get started as an investigator. To qualify, you must be licensed to practice medicine in El Paso, Texas, or Las Cruces, New Mexico.

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Become a Coordinator

Whether you are a healthcare professional looking to upskill or someone new to healthcare altogether, the Clinical Research Profession is a great career option. A clinical research coordinator (CRC) is a professional who, regardless of job title, works at a clinical research site under the immediate direction of a principal investigator and coordinates the daily clinical trial activities under Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Guidelines. . If you are a healthcare provider, student, career/ job seeker, or military veteran, this program offers– at no charge, the entry-level training and coaching you need to conduct clinical trials and get started as a coordinator. To qualify for this program, you must be 18-years or older and a resident of El Paso, Texas, or Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Give your career a boost. Apply today to receive entry-level CRC training supported by ACRP’s eLearning platform.

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Meet your Instructors & Coaches

Catherine Posey-Sariñana

Western Sky Medical Research

Laura Herrera

Western Sky Medical Research

Sergio Guerrero, MD


Anna Yvonne Rodriguez

Egality Sciences, LLC

Allen Savedra

iCON Strategic Solutions

Wenoah Veikley

AXCES Research & Health

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3A Research
Elligo Health Research
WCG Threewire
Curavit Clinical Research
El Paso Medical Research Institute
HD Research
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