The Medical Center of the Americas Foundation is committed to increasing Industry-Sponsored Clinical Trial activity across West Texas and Southern New Mexico. It is our mission to cultivate a dynamic biomedical industry and a globally competitive innovation/entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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Clinical Trial Consortium

The MCA’s Clinical Trials Consortium is a forum that facilitates dialogue among stakeholders. It organizes, plans, and implements strategies and initiatives that will make a significant contribution to our area and the global community.

The Consortium is committed to our region becoming a globally competitive player in the clinical trial industry, which in turn will advance the commercialization of novel diagnostics and medical breakthroughs that will help people live longer, healthier, and more active lives.

Our Programs & Initiatives

The MCA’s programs and initiatives are designed to achieve the strategic mission, vision, and primary objectives of the Consortium.

Strategic Goals

Support Existing Sites
The MCA is engaged in an ongoing dialogue with existing clinical research sites in the region to support their needs, goals, and interests. Support of existing sites include business introductions, investigator and coordinator candidate referrals, grant opportunity identification and support, facilitating educational and networking events, and trial/site marketing and promotion.

Grow the Region’s Infrastructure & Workforce
The MCA makes plans and strategies to grow the clinical trial infrastructure, capacity, and capabilities of our region in line with the future of clinical trial development.

Provide Educational Opportunities & Community Outreach
The MCA facilitates community-wide education, communication, and collaboration designed to engage the medical community in clinical research, deepen clinical research understanding, expand the clinical trial workforce, and recruit patients and subjects into clinical trials.

Foster Collaborative Partnerships The MCA promotes cooperative relationships with clinical research organizations, site networks, and industry associations across the nation to achieve our strategic goals.

Partners/ Collaborators
We thank the following organizations as they help us build a globally competitive clinical research hub known for clinical research excellence.

|Academic Institutions|

•El Paso County
•City of El Paso

•Bristol Myers Squibb/ Organization for Latino Achievement (OLA)
•ACRP Partners Advancing the Clinical Research Workforce (PACRW)
•High Enroll
•WCG – Clinical

MCA Foundation

The Medical Center of the Americas Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 organization formed in 2006 with the mission to cultivate a dynamic biomedical industry and globally competitive innovation/entrepreneurship ecosystem in the region.

The MCA plays several important roles in the area: in real estate - master planning the MCA campus, establishing the Cardwell Collaborative biomedical incubator, and developing the VA Mental Health and Wellness Center; in biomedicine - supporting tech start-ups with its Innovation Center, growing its competitiveness as a regional Clinical Trial Hub via the MCA’s Clinical Trial Program, growing and diversifying its clinical research workforce via the MCA’s Clinical Trial Academy (CTA) and providing scientific enrichment for young students through STEM programs.

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