Experienced business leaders provide indispensable value to the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

At the MCA Innovation Center, the people serving as Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR), Investor in Residence (IIR) and Executive in Residence (ExIR) are important contributors to innovation center programming and the mentorship of technology startup companies.

MCA Innovation Center Advisors are are available to:

  • Share real-world experiences about dealing with the challenges and failures in business
  • Help to grow your startup’s professional network, including business advisors, subject matter experts, professional service providers, and investors

In addition to the EIR/IIR/ExIR, a community of mentors actively support the MCA Innovation Center and client companies. The EIR/IIR/ExIR assist with mentor recruitment and development of programs to attract and engage high-value mentors.

Commitment requirements for Entrepreneurs in Residence, Executives in Residence and Investors in Residence (EIR, IIR, ExIR):

  • Make a reasonable effort to provide a minimum of 2 – 4 hours of on-site support to the Innovation Center and/or startups per month
  • Make a reasonable effort to attend other Innovation Center events, such as Tech Talks, Scientific Poster Sessions
  • Provide MCA permission to promote the EIR/IIR as serving in said role during the appointment
  • Commit to a one-year appointment, starting June 1st of each year (however, either party may terminate the engagement at any time upon written notice)

Advisor Benefits

  • Use of a dedicated open office at the Cardwell Collaborative in the 3rd floor innovation center
  • Use of Cardwell Collaborative conference room facilities, subject to availability
  • Support of MCA staff and interns for startup company support, subject to availability
  • Use of an MCA email address in event that IIR/EIR/EXIR prefers not to disclose personal contact information

Entrepreneur in Residence

  • Provides feedback and advice to startup teams, with an emphasis on risk management, gap analysis, pitching to investors and business fundamentals
  • Develops managerial, operational, and leadership skills of company founders and principals

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Executive in Residence

Brings companies an emphasis on management, operations, human resources, organizational dynamic, accounting, finance, sound business practices, strategy development and implementation

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Investor in Residence

  • Provides feedback and advice to startup teams, with an emphasis on business modeling, business planning, and financial analysis
  • Develops financial acumen and leadership skills of company founders and principals
  • Assists in creating investor identification strategies, as well as pitch development and presentation
  • Works closely with the leadership team on programming the MCA Innovation Center’s Tech Talk series by suggesting topics of interest to the local entrepreneurial and research community and helping to recruit speakers

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MCA Resource Network

The MCA Resource Network is made up of highly reputable regional businesses and individuals who provide discounted, pro bono or in-kind services to technology startups at the Innovation Center. By signing up, you have a great opportunity to build potential long-term client relationships as these companies grow.

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