The Medical Center of the Americas Foundation is transforming the Paso del Norte region by creating a world-class life sciences hub in the heart of El Paso, Texas.

Our COVID Response

As news of COVID-19, populates all of the media channels that we come into contact with day to day, many find themselves wondering what is being done in the Paso del Norte region to respond to the ongoing pandemic. The MCA Foundation would like to assure you that this pandemic is being met with a variety of efforts being led and executed by many institutions and organizations of the region, including the MCA, to address the different rising issues we are being met with at this time in history.

The MCA Foundation works hard to be a champion and facilitator of an improved, robust, and forward-looking healthcare industry for our region. Within this scope of work, we place value in the MCA and its campus being a medical hub for the community to use as a resource for education, healthcare, and research. For those people who might have concerns over the spread of the virus and how it will impact your day to day living and our community as a whole, we have gathered some reliable information from government and health industry sources for people to read and inform themselves on the next steps to take in this trying time, what to look out for, and what to expect in the near future.

Our region needs the MCA’s work to continue now more than ever. Your support will help us continue our work of building a stronger, more competitive healthcare and life sciences ecosystem that can help us survive and continue to thrive during times of adversity while excelling in creating economic opportunities for our region so that we can overcome the economic impact of the pandemic and emerge as a more formidable medical supply and device innovation and manufacturing player on the world stage.

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Where ideas and cultures collide.

Situated in a bi-national region of more than 2.7 million residents, the MCA campus is an exciting destination for health care professionals, life sciences researchers and biomedical entrepreneurs.

Our location on the U.S.-Mexico border positions us well for health education, health care and research affecting our primarily Hispanic border population, as well as military personnel serving at Fort Bliss and other installations in the region.

Ciudad Juárez, MX El Paso, TX Las Cruces, NM
Emma Schwartz

We have set the stage for a prosperous economic future. This is about building a sustainable, high-tech industry in El Paso.”


Without the MCA Innovation Center we most likely would have opened the company two years later in another city.”

Julio Rincon, MIPTek


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