The operations of the MCA Foundation are made possible through a City of El Paso Impact Fund, private and public grants, generous contributions by donors, and through property leasing and other revenues.

MCA Cumulative Financial Resource Leverage

$72.3 million

  • MCA: CC & VA Financing - $37,600,000
  • MCA: TTU Partner Investment - $3,500,000
  • MCA: Donor Contributions and Grants - $8,800,000
  • City of El Paso Impact Fund - $22,400,000

City of El Paso Impact Funds

In 2012, the El Paso City Council signed an Economic Development Program Agreement with the MCA Foundation to stimulate business and commercial activity within the city. The agreement, backed by a City of El Paso Impact Fund, grants annual funding to the MCA for the development of biomedical cluster specific programs and infrastructure projects. The Impact Fund is collected from the franchise fee that the City charges El Paso Electric Company. The Grant provides for annually appropriated funds which are disbursed in quarterly payments through August 31, 2030 and which are estimated to total approximately $60 million. Annually, the MCA Foundation receives between $2.6 million and $3 million from the Impact Fund.

Donor Contributions and Grants

The MCA Foundation’s activities are also supported by in part by contributions from generous donors throughout the community and through private and public grant programs. Contributions and grants are a critical pillar of the MCA’s financial stability, and our organization actively builds strong partnerships with supporters from the community and pursues competitive grant funding wherever possible to advance the mission of the MCA.

Property Leasing Activities

Through its real estate subsidiaries, the MCA has built an additional revenue stream by leasing space to tenants of the Cardwell Collaborative building and real property on the MCA Campus.

Annual Reports

The MCA Foundation is committed to the open and transparent sharing of its annual operations and financial activities. For more detailed information, please download our annual reports and financial statements below.

2020 Annual Report

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2020 Consolidated Financial Statements


2019 Annual Report


2019 Consolidated Financial Statements


2018 Annual Report


2017 Annual Report


2016 Annual Report


2015 Annual Report


2014 Annual Report


2013 Annual Report


2012 Annual Report


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