Women In Innovation

March 8, 2019

Women In Innovation

The MCA highlights Dr. Malynda Cappelle as the first woman entrepreneur to join and graduate from the MCA Innovation Center Program.

EL PASO, TX -March 7, 2019- In celebration of International Women’s Day, the Medical Center of the Americas Foundation (MCA) highlights CEO and Founder of Atlas Regeneration Technologies, Dr. Malynda Cappelle, who has helped define technological innovation and entrepreneurship at the MCA Foundation.

As founder and CEO of her startup company, Dr. Cappelle does almost everything from accounting to technology development to marketing to fundraising and investor pitching. Her company, Atlas Regeneration Technologies, develops sensors that efficiently and reliably improve water treatment systems.

“I would love to see our technology be one piece of making clean water happen,” explains Dr. Cappelle when asks about the impact she wants to make. “In terms of the community at large, I would love to see some good paying jobs in El Paso and to see us be the first to develop this kind of sensor that can improve water treatment and water monitoring.”

Dr. Cappelle started the journey into tech innovation and startups by helping a group of UTEP students in the Paso del Norte Venture Business Plan competition in 2014. It was not a path she ever intended to take; however, years later, she ended up graduating from the MCA Innovation Center Innovator Program and receiving funding from various investors.

Dr. Cappelle grew up with strong women to look up to in her mother and her mother’s friends. One woman, in particular, Beth Richards, an engineer who traveled the world installing photovoltaic powered pumps, taught Cappelle two things: that she could be an engineer and that her dreams could be as big as they needed to be.

“Having women in everything is only going to be a good thing,” Dr. Capelle remarks, “it’s important to see somebody who looks like you, acts like you, and feels like you to know that you can do something.”

Dr. Cappelle looks forward to seeing what the future holds for her and her company, and she hopes to be either be profitably making Atlas Regeneration Technology water sensors here in El Paso on a larger scale or hopes to have proven the value and need of these sensors to another company that can acquire and develop the sensors themselves to distribute out into the world.

“Don’t let anybody tell you what your limits are,” states Dr. Cappelle as she addresses those who might be looking to enter the world of technological innovation and entrepreneurship. “Don’t let anybody tell you what your dreams should be; you are the only one that can limit yourself. And for women in entrepreneurship, good luck!”

For more information about Dr. Cappelle and Atlas Regeneration Technologies visit their website, www.atlassensortech.com. To learn more about the MCA Innovation Center and all that it offers, visit mcamericas.org/innovation.

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