The MCA Releases its 2020 Annual Report, From Disruption to Innovation

April 7, 2021

The MCA Releases its 2020 Annual Report, From Disruption to Innovation

The year 2020 disrupted all our lives in every kind of way. From the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Medical Center Foundation’s staff transitioned most of its operations virtually. Despite the disruption of the pandemic, there were opportunities that led the MCA to play roles that were not being filled, enhance collaborations, think outside the box, and work hard to help our community do as well as possible through the pandemic. The MCA’s 2020 annual report reflects these efforts and the transition from disruption to innovation.

This year, the MCA team created a virtual annual report that is an interactive and engaging presentation of its efforts. The virtual annual report allows users to scroll through photos, videos, and text about the MCA’s highlights, accomplishments, goals for 2021, and financial summary. In addition, users can download a printed version of the annual report that contains more textual information about our programs and activities. Both versions are great resources to learn more about the MCA, the impact its programs had in 2020, and goals for this year.

Lastly, the MCA Foundation team would like to thank our 2020 donors, board members and directors, and community partners. MCA stakeholders play an essential role in helping the MCA respond to the pandemic and furthering its mission to grow the life science ecosystem in our region. The MCA staff hopes you enjoy the 2020 annual report and continue to learn about the MCA’s accomplishments and goals for the future. Do not forget to stay connected and find out everything the MCA is doing by following us on social media and signing up for our newsletter.

Goodbye 2020… Welcome, 2021!

Linda Troncoso
MCA Board Chair

Emma W. Schwartz
MCA President / BIO-EPJ CEO

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