The MCA Innovation Center Welcomes Kathleen Cahill, The New Mentor-In-Residence

April 5, 2019

EL PASO, TX – March 26, 2019 – Former hospital CEO, Kathleen Cahill, has joined the MCA Innovation Center team to impart upon the Innovator and Startup Program participants her knowledge of and expertise in the healthcare industry, running a business and building a strong foundation for fostering a healthcare and innovation business.

Prior to joining the MCA team as the Mentor-in-Residence, Kathleen Cahill served the CEO of various hospitals for almost 30 years. She received her undergraduate degree from New Mexico State University and her MBA from the University of Houston. Immediately after graduate school, Cahill started working for HCA Healthcare as their Director of Business Development. After a couple of years in that position, she then went through an intensive two-year, in-company Administrator-In-Training program and became a Chief Operating Officer for HCA upon completion. Cahill then spent 10 years as the CEO of Tucson General Hospital, until the hospital was sold to Tenet Healthcare. Cahill went on to work for Tenet for a little under 2 years and then went back to work for HCA as a hospital CEO for 7 more years. Cahill then relocated to New Mexico to work for Community Health Systems where she worked as their Market CEO for 6 years. Cahill retired in 2015 and has been working as a consultant since.

“Healthcare is a complex industry in many ways, including how products and services are purchased and who the customer is, to billing and reimbursement mechanisms and systems, to regulation and so on,” remarks Emma Schwartz, president of the MCA Foundation. “Having a highly experienced healthcare leader as part of the MCA Innovation Team will provide great insights into our program participants’ customer base. Kathleen also brings solid business management skills and wisdom to the program, elevating what we offer our participants and elevating their chances of succeeding.”

Kathleen Cahill’s position as a Mentor-in-Residence with the MCA Innovation Center consists of consulting with MCA Innovation Center program participants and Cardwell Collaborative tenants. She supports participants in business modeling and planning, performance and development, financial modeling, promotional activity, market analysis, fundraising and customer discovery/development.

“The Innovation Center gives young startups the opportunity to develop in a safe environment that offers a great deal of expertise and value,” says new MCA Innovation Center Mentor-In-Residence Kathleen Cahill. “And I hope that through my mentorship these startups can acquire a stronger business acumen and an insight into how their business will eventually fit into the overall healthcare continuum.” Cahill hopes to help participants navigate the intersection between healthcare, business, and government. Additionally, she hopes to share her knowledge of the healthcare industry, regulations and standards, and building a strong business and team so that participants can ultimately develop better innovations and businesses to further the healthcare industry growth occurring in the El Paso region.

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