Program Seeks to Spark Innovation Led by Healthcare Professionals

August 10, 2022

EL PASO, TX – August 10, 2022 – Applications are now being accepted for the MCA Innovation Center’s Health Innovator, a program that empowers healthcare professionals to leverage their practical experience and create great solutions that impact their environment.

“The best innovations start with the people closest to problems who can visualize opportunities. There is a natural connection between healthcare and innovation. Doctors and nurses are at the leading edge of every health crisis and are integral in resolving the crisis. They deeply understand the health systems, services, technologies, products, and delivery methods, thereby allowing them to identify problems and develop workable solutions,” says Nancy Lowery, Senior Director of Innovation at the MCA Foundation. “We believe that the unique insights and ideas of clinicians can drive the innovation pipeline, save lives, improve health, and revolutionize medicine.”

Health Innovator is a virtual program takes the guesswork out of the first stages of innovation. Participants will learn to quickly validating needs, generate creative ideas, and choose the best strategies that fit the solution. Whether you have an idea or just want to understand the complexities of medical innovation, this program can serve as a launchpad. The program includes a specialized virtual curriculum, one on one support, and peer feedback.

Anyone interested should apply at The next session starts in September 2022. The program is free and space is limited.

For more information about the application process and program, please contact Alberto Ponce at

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