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October 17, 2020

Join us on October 20th for the second installment of a four-part series focused on the manufacturing of medical devices lifecycle. This series seeks to bring together the growing innovator/startup space with the already established medical device industry in the region to see growth in both! The MCA Innovation Center and BIO El Paso – Juarez are hosting From Start to Finish: Medical Device Manufacturing Series and you can't miss it.


Mylena Walker, Director of Product Planning and Cost Optimization - Cardinal Health

Mylena Walker, Director of Product Planning and Cost Optimization - Cardinal Health. Cardinal Health, Inc. is a global, integrated healthcare services and products company, providing customized solutions for hospitals, healthcare systems, pharmacies, ambulatory surgery centers, clinical laboratories, and physician offices worldwide. The company provides clinically-proven medical products and pharmaceuticals and cost-effective solutions that enhance supply chain efficiency from hospital to home.

Sigfrido Delgado, Vice President - Jabil

Sigfrido Delgado works in medical devices manufacturing and is a business leader with a passion for restoring quality of life through innovative manufacturing solutions. Delgado is experienced in managing manufacturing businesses in the fields of orthopedic, cardiovascular, electrophysiology, and surgical devices. 


Jackie, Senior Director of Operations - BIO El Paso-Juarez

Jackie Butler, MBA, is the Director of Promotion and People at the Medical Center of the Americas (MCA) Foundation. Prior to joining the MCA Foundation, Jackie served as the vice president of government relations at the Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce, where she was responsible for managing the chamber's advocacy and legislative efforts. She also planned and executed large events for the business community, as well as community and economic development initiatives such as intercity visits to San Diego, California and Nashville, Tennessee. Jackie brings extensive experience in the areas of education and workforce development, military affairs, binational affairs, and local and state policy.


Join us for a discussion with two manufacturing companies with experience in medical device product manufacturing. Learn about different types of medical devices, Class I, II, and III. and what process manufacturers use to judge if a prototype or a product with a small run is ready for large scale production. To learn more or to register to attend, click on the link below!

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