MCA Would Like to Thank Our Summer Interns and Fellow for Their Hard Work and Dedication

August 10, 2021

MCA Would Like to Thank Our Summer Interns and Fellow for Their Hard Work and Dedication

The MCA Foundation offers a variety of resources and interactive programs through our Workforce Initiatives aimed at preparing our regional workforce for an emerging high-tech biomedical industry, this includes paid internship and fellowship opportunities. This summer four students and one young professional across the United States and from varying fields of study had the opportunity to work with the MCA. Through our internships, the MCA exposes students and young professionals to the different fields and careers in the growing biomedical and life sciences sectors in the region.

This summer, the MCA welcomed four interns Rodrigo Sanchez-Crespo, Karina Damian Carmona, Aldo Sanchez, and Thomson Brand, and one fellow; Victoria Miranda. Read more about each of our hard-working and dedicated interns below and get to know more about their aspirations and goals in life as well as how they have contributed to the MCA.

Rodrigo Sanchez-Crespo was brought on as the MCA Engineering Intern in February of this year as part of the UTEP CARES ACT program. He is currently in his senior year of Mechanical Engineering at The University of Texas at El Paso. Rodrigo hopes to graduate and get a full-time job in the biomedical or automotive industry and would like to continue his education by obtaining a master’s degree.

Karina Damian Carmona, the MCA Healthcare Management Intern, joined the MCA team in February of this year. She is a National Science Foundation Scholar and a fourth-year student at the University of Texas at El Paso studying Cellular and Molecular Biochemistry. Karina has chosen to pursue a DO/MPH, hoping this dual preparation will enable her to leave a geographic footprint in our border community. She joined the MCA to learn about the specific medical needs of El Paso and to contribute to tangible solutions in the provision of better healthcare access and quality. In her 7 months at the MCA, Karina was tasked with projects involving the development and execution of the Clinical Trial Academy. Additionally, she was given the opportunity to attend a regional roundtable discussion with a representative from the World Health Organization (WHO). Karina enjoyed these experiences, along with the welcoming embrace of the team and the support of her direct supervisors in her professional journey.

Aldo Sanchez joined the MCA as a Computer Science Intern in June of 2021. He recently graduated from Harmony Science Academy and will be attending the University of Texas at El Paso in Fall 2021. Aldo will be pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. His long-term career goal is to be a Software Engineer at a big-tech company. The focus of Aldo’s internship was developing and implementing a computer science curriculum for the MCA’s Summer STEM camps. Aldo enjoyed working with the MCA team and the friendly and collaborative work environment at the Cardwell Collaborative. Through his internship, Aldo was shown the impact of a positive work environment and was introduced to the massive life sciences industry in El Paso.

Thomson Brand also joined the MCA as a Computer Science Intern in June of this year. He is a sophomore at Tufts University and is currently majoring in Computer Science. Although Thomson usually works with programming, he likes writing anything, whether it is an efficient program code or a good story. Thomson hopes to go into the game design industry after he graduates where he can employ both computer and story-telling skills to make the next AAA game. Thomson spent this summer working with the MCA STEM Innovation Lab to create and run a one-week HealthTech STEM camp. Although much Thomson’s work was done remotely, the highlight of his internship was the week of the camp where he traveled to El Paso all the way from Massachusetts to help set up and teach the STEM Camp in person. During his visit, he got to meet new people and had the opportunity to try a variety of things and experiences that the borderland had to offer.

Last but not least, Victoria Miranda was brought on as an MCA Healthcare Fellow in July of this year. She comes to us from the Mike Loya Center for Innovation and Commerce (MLCIC). She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Cellular and Molecular Biochemistry from UTEP and is passionate about research. During her undergraduate years, Victoria participated in various projects at a structural biochemistry and an infectious diseases laboratory. She was able to learn molecular biology, biochemical, and biophysical techniques along with animal sciences during her time in the lab. Victoria is currently pursuing her Master of Business Administration with a concentration in healthcare management and hopes to combine this with her science background to excel in the healthcare field. As the newest fellow at the MCA, Victoria is involved with the Healthcare Solving Spring to improve healthcare in the Paso del Norte region, the Nurse Innovator to make bright ideas a reality, and the Summer STEM Camp to introduce middle school students to various careers related to the life sciences.

The MCA Foundation was excited to have such impressive young professionals join our team this summer and contribute to the different programs that work to develop a growing hub of innovation and medical advancement for the Paso del Norte region’s health care and biomedical industries. We enjoyed the ideas, creativity, enthusiasm, and fresh perspectives they brought to the table throughout their time at the MCA. As some of them leave us to continue aspiring towards their goals, we wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors. We hope they will continue to make a difference in the world through their efforts and hard work.

If you would like to become a part of the MCA family through an internship or a fellowship position, learn more at the link below or contact Workforce Coordinator, Vianey Romo at to learn more about upcoming opportunities.

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