MCA Innovation Center's Startup Spotlight: PINE

March 8, 2023

MCA Innovation Center's Startup Spotlight: PINE

This month we’re shining the spotlight on the Partnerships for Informatics in Nursing Education (PINE)!

PINE is a dynamic team of nurse educators. The incredible women of PINE, Dr. Conni DeBlieck, Dr. Kelly Krumwiede, and Dr. Debra Eardley are developing relevant, situation-based e-learning modules for nursing students. The team participated in The Medical Center of the America Foundation’s (MCA) Innovation Center Nurse Innovator Accelerator, a program that supports healthcare professionals to take innovative ideas from concept to production. The program helped them think in new ways about their users and product.

DeBlieck, Krumwiede, and Eardley are using their decades of nursing and teaching experience specializing in public health nursing and nursing informatics to inform the development of their e-learning modules. These e-learning modules blend the field of public health nursing with nursing informatics while incorporating interactive case studies for a more relevant learning experience. They will deploy the modules via a website that will serve as an open-source platform for sharing and disseminating innovative pedagogy to nurse educators. Their goal is that these nurse educators will incorporate the modules into their nursing courses.

PINE has had multiple successes since beginning its journey. They have developed the Native American Youth Suicide Prevention interactive case study, which is being adopted by nursing courses in multiple institutions this year. PINE team members belong to the Association of Community Health Nursing Educators, which has a web-based platform, Innovative Teaching Strategies. They have recently submitted an updated version of their Innovative Teaching Strategy for publication. Additionally, the team recently published an article discussing the development of a Quadruple Aim for Nursing Education Model mirroring the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s (IHI) Triple Aim for healthcare delivery in the Public Health Nursing Journal.

PINE team members also serve as educators of educators and have plans to give four professional presentations to highlight their new e-Learning Module framework for developing interactive case studies.

PINE is continuing to make innovative moves to help transform nursing education and enhance the quality of healthcare in our communities!

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