MCA Innovation Center's Company Showcase: OTEN Medical, LLC.

December 14, 2022

MCA Innovation Center's Company Showcase: OTEN Medical, LLC.

Startups are the engine of growth. They solve problems, create jobs, and attract outside investment all the while stimulating innovative thinking in a community. The MCA Innovation Center is proud to support innovators, entrepreneurs, and startups. As the year wraps up, we would like to showcase some of our entrepreneurs. This startup is founded and operated by individuals in our community! Congratulations on your successes!

OTEN Medical, LLC


It’s been a really busy year for OTEN Medical, a nurse founded and U.S. veteran owned company specializing in at-home health care products. Ernesto Holguin, a practicing nurse and innovated started his product line with a foot drier and imaging system for diabetic ulcer management, the Difobod. Since then he has developed and patented multiple health products. Ernesto has been recognized Johnson & Johnson Nursing as a leading RN innovator and by UPENN Nursing for patenting the first ever diabetic foot care telehealth system. The MCA Innovation Center is proud to have supported OTEN throughout this journey.

In 2022 OTEN officially ramped up marketing and sales of their CPAP accessories. They were selected to present in person at the #WalmartOpenCall Annual Product submission review at Walmart headquarters in Bentonville, AK. This is the largest sourcing event Walmart stores and Sam’s Clubs. Getting onto the shelves of any big box store is difficult but hopefully by this time next year you will see OTEN’s CPAP products on the Walmart shelves.

OTEN was at the ASD Wholesale Convention in Las Vegas this past summer where they connected with buyers from around the world. In fact, they were featured on YouTube by CPAP Reviews, a channel based out of Australia. The video can be viewed here:

To top it all off OTEN Medical LLC was issued their “The Original CPAP Hose Holder” patent on October 25, 2022 under Patent No. D967,698. Check out OTEN Medical at:

Additionally, the name of their product “The Original CPAP Hose Holder” was just registered with USPTO! Check it out here:

See what Customers are saying about OTEN Medical:


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