MCA Innovation Center's Company Showcase: Atlas Sensor Technologies, Inc.

December 14, 2022

MCA Innovation Center's Company Showcase: Atlas Sensor Technologies, Inc.

Startups are the engine of growth. They solve problems, create jobs, and attract outside investment all the while stimulating innovative thinking in a community. The MCA Innovation Center is proud to support innovators, entrepreneurs, and startups. As the year wraps up, we would like to showcase some of our entrepreneurs. This startup is founded and operated by individuals in our community! Congratulations on your successes!

Atlas Sensor Technologies, Inc.



Atlas Sensor Technologies, Inc, a company that develops easy-to-use, cost-effective sensors for monitoring water quality, was formed in 2014. Their patented hardness sensor was developed at UTEP by the late Dr. Thomas A. Davis and by Dr. David Nemir, company President. Atlas started working with the MCA Innovation Center team in 2017 and has used the MCA’s Cardwell Collaborative building lab space and facilities to develop a working beta product and perform commercialization research. As well as the space necessary to develop and test their products, they have received business development, pitching and capital support from the Innovation Center.

Atlas has had a productive 2022; they are growing their product line and continuing to refine their sensor technologies. In February, Atlas closed on a $250,000 contract from the Wells Fargo IN2 program to extend Atlas’ ion exchange-based sensor technology to nitrogen sensing for agricultural applications both in nutrient metering and in effluent monitoring.

In June, Atlas began a long-term beta test of its water hardness sensor in the Cardwell Collaborative Building and is uploading data to the Cloud at 10-minute intervals, demonstrating the ability of the Atlas sensor system to offer real-time IoT monitoring. Additional beta testing is underway at Industrial Water Services of El Paso.

Atlas is presently seeking external funding as it begins product roll-outs in 2023. The company expects its first sales in 1Q 2023. Find out more about Atlas

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