MCA Foundation Economic Impact Report

May 12, 2022

The MCA Foundation recently underwent an economic impact analysis to quantify the MCA Foundation’s annual and overall gross economic impact in the Paso del Norte region from the past decade. The report accounted for direct (i.e. real estate, business support, education, and research) and indirect (i.e. consumer-to-business expenditures initiated by workers that spend a portion of their earnings on goods and services in the economy) economic impacts.

In summary, the MCA supports 80 jobs, $3.6 million in workers’ earnings, and $12.12 million in economic output annually. Over the ten-year period, MCA has supported a total of 1,111 jobs. The Cardwell Collaborative building and its tenants support 92 jobs, and the VA Wellness Center provides 114 permanent jobs. A condensed version of the report is provided below.

In 2012 the MCA Foundation’s total economic impact was $4.01 million, by 2021 the economic impact reached $12.12 million. Over the entire decade, the sum annual total economic impact was $150.17 million. Below is a yearly breakdown of the MCA Foundation’s yearly economic impact. Growth in economic output can be seen in the years 2015 and 2019, corresponding with the development and construction of the Cardwell Collaborative building which opened in 2016 and the VA Wellness Clinic, which opened in early 2020.

The economic output in 2021 supported an assortment of industries including agriculture, real estate, and professional, scientific, and technical service sectors.

To view an overview of the MCA’s impact in the borderland throughout the years, click here.

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