Activating the Region’s Innovation Ecosystem and Enhancing its Capabilities

July 26, 2022

The Devise Product Realization Hub is supporting innovators, startups, and manufacturers to activate the region’s innovation ecosystem and expand the regions capabilities. A broad range of training and professional development courses have been hosted by the Devise Product Realization Hub in fulfillment of the Economic Development Administration (EDA) SPRINT grant. Workforce development training, ISO quality management system implementation, product development, and regulatory support are the main services the program offers.


In collaboration with the project partners, the program has provided 168 training hours and reaching 186 individuals. The topics of these trainings range from general professional development such as project management, and lean six sigma, to manufacturing-specific topics like ISO internal auditor and blueprint reading. These trainings have given the regional workforce the opportunity to improve their skills to improve their business activities and increase regional competencies in these areas. These skills will help innovators and manufacturers implement new skills and push toward higher value product lines such as medical devices.

ISO Implementation

Four local manufacturing companies are receiving direct support to implement an ISO quality management system into their processes. Specifically, these companies are receiving guidance on the development of their internal procedures and processes from quality experts at the Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center (TMAC). Receiving ISO certification will help the business improve and track their performance and can lead to business opportunities in higher value regulated industries. A local textile manufacturer has completed their internal procedure documentation and are in the process of performing a management review and plan to pursue an external audit to obtain ISO 9001 certification from the local registrar.

Product Development

One on one support is being provided to 11 companies with customized support based on the specific needs of the company. Our services can range from early-stage support such as product ideation and customer discovery to later stage company needs such as product development and prototyping. Devise has software and equipment to design produce medical device prototypes for form and fit testing. The wide range of equipment used by Devise can be used to create prototypes at different fidelity levels. Devise is currently supporting several companies with products ranging from wearable medical devices to vehicle racks that ease the use of assistive equipment such as wheelchairs.

Regulatory Support

Devise is assisting innovators, startups, and small businesses with FDA regulatory support. Support can range from office hours to discuss your product with a regulatory consultant to a full regulatory pathway which will document the entire path to get your product approved by the FDA. If you are in the process of developing a medical product and need expert support, Devise can help you map out your regulatory pathway. Devise is currently enrolling companies for this type of support for eligible companies. For further information please contact

More Information and upcoming events:

You can also learn more about upcoming events or apply to the program at the website If you have any additional questions or comments, email or find us at the Cardwell Collaborative building on 5130 Gateway Blvd. East, El Paso, Texas.

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