The following programs and initiatives are designed to grow our region’s clinical research ecosystem and achieve the mission and vision of the MCA’s Clinical Trial Program.

Clinical Trial Academy (CTA)

Sponsored by Bristol Myers Squibb’s (BMS) Organization for Latino Achievement (OLA), and the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) via El Paso County and partnered with the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP), the MCA’s Clinical Trial Academy (CTA) works to grow the region’s clinical research workforce and the number of clinical research sites in West Texas and Southern New Mexico.

If you are a physician, healthcare professional, student, job/career seeker, or active military or veteran interested in clinical research, this program offers entry-level clinical research training needed to enter this profession. We also offer education, coaching, partner introductions, and startup support to clinics interested in expanding regional access to clinical research and integrating clinical research into their continuum of care. Join us in creating a regional destination hub for clinical research that improves patient access to clinical trials and competes globally to improve healthcare outcomes.

CTA Education & Training (Instructor Led & eLearning)

Training Targets: Investigators, Coordinators, & Community Health Workers Now Accepting Applications. Apply Today!

CRC Apprenticeships/ Internships

Graduates and current participants of the MCA’s CTA CRC Foundations course are encouraged to apply and interview to receive a paid Apprenticeship at a local investigator site.


Clinical Trial Site Coaching, Support & Education

We offer limited funds and resources to support existing sites to foster their on-going success.

Clinical Trial Network (CTn)

The primary objective of the MCA’s Clinical Trial Network (CTn) is to help our region’s healthcare providers, investigators, and community health workers (CHWs), work in a more cohesive, efficient, and coordinated fashion, to increase trial access (awareness, engagement, and referral). If successful, this program may also serve as a scalable model that can be replicated across the Nation to improve the resiliency and overall competitiveness of our Nation’s healthcare ecosystems. Listed below are the strategies employed to proactively increase trial access for our West Texas and Southern New Mexico communities:

CTn Ambassadors
Healthcare providers and Community Health Workers (CHWs) who agree to make reasonable best efforts to integrate clinical research into their everyday practice or routine will serve as Clinical Trial Ambassadors (CT Ambassadors) for West Texas and Southern New Mexico. CT Ambassadors will be provided with ongoing MCA staff support and other resources to assist them to be aware, engage, and refer patients to trials.

CTn Trial Information
Download our local Borderplex Site Directory and the High Enroll APP (our CTn partner) available online to follow local sites, trials, and investigators.

CTn Promotion, Outreach, Support & Education
We offer staff resources and training to healthcare providers, investigators, and community health workers to foster community-wide awareness, training, and support with the goal of increasing regional trial awareness, engagement, and referral.

CTx Briefings

Looking to network with other clinical research professionals or learn about new market trends or pipeline trial opportunities? If so, please join us for CTx Briefings, a monthly webinar with the goal of fostering regional clinical research learning and networking opportunities. Meetings feature industry leaders and representatives from sponsor organizations looking for qualified investigator sites to conduct their trials. Sign up here to receive ongoing monthly calendar invitations OR register for specific event(s) at NO Cost via MCA’s website event page.

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