Ivan Reyes

Senior Innovation Program Coordinator

Ivan Reyes

Meet Ivan Reyes, an esteemed veteran in Silicon Valley, with a deep-seated expertise in biosensors, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Virtual Reality (VR). Throughout his illustrious career, he has navigated the tech landscape as a startup founder, CTO, and senior engineer. He possesses a unique intersection of technical prowess and entrepreneurial acumen, helping to shape the face of the fast-paced, innovation-driven tech industry.

Currently, Ivan serves as the Technical Principal for AI and Sensors Front End Innovation at a cutting-edge health tech company. Beyond his technical expertise, Ivan shines in identifying and fostering investment-ready ideas, driving their transformation from early-stage concepts to fully realized, market-ready innovations.

With an extensive startup background, Ivan excels in foreseeing tech trends and spearheading innovation. His sterling record in the startup ecosystem, coupled with his technical leadership, highlights his invaluable role as a mentor and advisor for aspiring entrepreneurs and startups.

In the realm of health tech, Ivan’s impact is significant. His technical skills, paired with a profound understanding of the industry, have led to pioneering solutions that are reshaping healthcare. As Ivan continues to break new ground, he’s not just advancing technology but also paving the way for future innovators. He looks forward to using his extensive knowledge and experience to inspire, guide, and help others reach new heights in the technological world.

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