A thriving clinical research hub of the future will move clinical research beyond the typical academic medical center (AMC) into community-based outpatient clinics. Ecosystems that succeed in this effort will not only achieve higher rates of clinical trial participation, they will also achieve better health outcomes and help to drive medical advances forward.

Key Services

We offer the following services on behalf of existing investigator sites and healthcare providers interested in adding clinical research as a care option alongside the standard of care.

Site Support

The CTA offers support to new and existing investigator sites: Contact Us Today!

Established Investigator Sites Workforce Support
The MCA’s CTA program assists regional sites to find and train employees. We also notify our student network of any positions you are actively recruiting for via our social media channels. Finally, grow your talent pipeline by becoming an approved CRC Apprenticeship worksite.

Trial Pipeline & Trial Enrollment Support
Our multi-stakeholder Clinical Trial Network (CTn) armed with the latest tools, resources, and training helps our region’s existing sites to bolster their competitiveness via increased site and investigator visibility, trial enrollment, and trial pipeline referrals.

Local Events & Networking
We support existing sites via networking events. Sign up for our monthly newsletter to stay abreast of local industry events and professional networking opportunities and follow us on LinkedIn.

NEW Investigator Training and Coaching

Strategic Planning
We invite you to meet with us to discuss your organization’s goals and interests and explore strategies for integrating clinical research into your practice.


Partner Introductions

The MCA has developed relationships with local and national site networks interested in partnering with each other to conduct clinical research. Contact michaele@mcamericas.org if you are a local healthcare clinic looking for site partners or vice versa.

Site Startup

Qualified sites that decide to conduct research on their own without an existing site partner will be eligible to receive limited Clinical Trial Academy (CTA) site startup support.

If you would like to participate in the opportunities listed above or would like more information, contact Michaele at michaele@mcamericas.org

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Meet your Instructors & Coaches

Catherine Posey-Sariñana, CCRC

Independent Consultant

Laura Herrera, DNP, CPI

Western Sky Medical Research

Sergio Guerrero, MD,

Study Manager / ICON

Yvonne (Anna) Rodriguez

CEO, Owner / Egality Sciences, Inc.

Allen Savedra, CRA II

CEO, Owner / AJS Services in Clinical Research LLC

Wenoah Veikley, RN, BsN

CEO, Owner / AXCES Research & Health

Daniel Deleon, CRC


Brenda Castillo

Director / TTUHSC-EP

Ryan Casey, MD, FP, PI

Independent Consultant

Jesse Young, Ph.D., PI

Medical Director TriCore Reference Laboratories & Research Institute

Find Your Trial Partner:

3A Research
Elligo Health Research
WCG Threewire
Curavit Clinical Research
El Paso Medical Research Institute
HD Research


What’s driving the change in clinical research?
  • New business processes and emerging business partners are making it easier for physicians and clinics to participate in research (lower risk, reduced start-up costs, improved odds of success, etc.).
  • The shift from one-size-fits-all healthcare to personalized precision medicine.
  • The shift toward value-based care.
  • Increased awareness that the US needs to proactively implement solutions that can address healthcare inequities disproportionately impacting the health and health outcomes of lower socioeconomic and minority groups.
  • The clinical trial industry is looking for quicker, better, and cheaper ways to bring new healthcare products to market.
What are the key objectives of clinical research?
  • To grow minority participation in clinical research.
  • To grow and diversify the investigator and clinical research workforce.
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