Become the clinic of choice in El Paso and Las Cruces, improve outcomes, attract more patients, and improve your bottom line by offering clinical research to your patients in your existing medical practice. Here’s how we can help.

Key Services

Are you an outpatient healthcare clinic looking for a way to become the clinic of choice while also improving your bottom line? If so, opting to provide clinical research as a care option to your patients may be the strategy to get you there. New business processes and emerging business partners make it easier for independent physicians and community-based outpatient clinics to participate in clinical research. We invite you to meet with us to discuss your organization’s goals and interests, explore strategies for integrating clinical research into your practice, and discuss the services we can provide to help you get there.

Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) Training

Whether you are a healthcare professional looking to upskill or someone new to healthcare altogether, the Clinical Research Profession is a great career option. CRCs are the backbones to every project. The Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) position is one of the most common segway into higher positions in clinical research. A CRC is a person responsible for conducting clinical trials using Good Clinical Practices (GCP) under the direction of a PI. This 13-week online and facilitated learning program is designed for licensed healthcare professionals, students, job/career seekers, and military veterans looking to enter the field as a clinical research coordinator (CRC).

Investigator Training

Investigator Training & Coaching

We seek talented, experienced physicians (MDs, DOs) and mid-level practitioners (NPs, PAs, PharmDs) to become clinical trial investigators. A clinical trial investigator is responsible for the planning and execution of a clinical study. The investigator is also expected to conduct ethical research, protect the rights of human participants, and contribute knowledge to their area of specialty. If you are a physician or mid-tier practitioner, this program offers– at no charge, access to high quality training and coaching you need to conduct clinical trials and get started as an investigator. To qualify, you must be practicing medicine in El Paso, Texas, or Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Partner Introductions

The MCA has developed relationships with local and national site networks, interested in partnering with our region’s independent outpatient healthcare clinics and healthcare systems to conduct clinical research. Contact to facilitate an introduction to one or more of our clinical trial partner organizations today!

Startup Operations Support

Qualifying sites that decide to conduct research on their own without an existing site partner will be eligible to receive CTA startup operations support. Clinic support services include site assessment, implementation of software, quality systems and policies, and site marketing. Space is limited to 2 qualified sites. Please contact to discuss your interest in clinical research and the needed Startup Support you require today.

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Meet your Instructors & Coaches

Sandra Kindig, Clinical Trial Manager

TriCore Reference Laboratories

Catherine Posey, COO, CCRC

Western Sky Medical Research

Laura Herrera, DNP, Sub-I

Western Sky Medical Research

Mora Vasallo, CRC

El Paso Medical Research Institute

Sergio Guerrero, MD

Independent Consultant

Veronica Luzzi, MD, CMO

TriCore Reference Laboratories

Find Your Trial Partner:

3A Research
Elligo Health Research
WCG Threewire
Curavit Clinical Research
El Paso Medical Research Institute
HD Research


What are the different ways to get started on the path to become a clinical trial site?

Option 1

Forming a Collaborative Partnership: forming a collaborative partnership with a research organization can greatly reduce the inherent risks of starting up a new independent site. The right business partner fitting an organization’s strategic goals and interests can often help providers sustainably run a profitable clinical trial business long-term. Additionally, the right partner can help mitigate the financial and operational risks associated with conducting research on your own including the risks associated with incurring initial start-up costs and on-going fix costs of maintaining operations, even during periods of low patient enrollment or no trial activity. In fact, given the inherent risks and difficulties associated with setting up and sustaining your own investigative site, it is generally our recommendation that physicians consider partnering with a site network or integrated research organization, before deciding to set up their own clinical trial site.

Regional Partner Options: Western Sky Medical Research; TriCore Research Institute; 3 A Research; El Paso Medical Research
National Partner Options: Elligo Health Research; Javara Research; HD Research; WCG Clinical /3Wire

Option 2

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) / Build Your Own Site: those choosing to set up their own site often do it to retain higher trial margin(s) and profits. Site Management Organizations (SMOs) for example, can charge up to 20% of trial revenue. Additionally, if a physician and wishes to retain control and influence over the business operations of an investigator site and the relationships with industry sponsors, then setting up an independent site may be the option for you. With clinic help and approval, we can support up to two (2) participating healthcare clinics to start up their own business infrastructure. Selection of these clinics will be based on a first come first serve basis.

We provide the following startup support services: Facilities & Site Assessment; Quality/ Regulatory System & Forms; System Software; Investigator / Site; Marketing; and Site Feasibility.

Option 3

Educate Patients about Clinical Research: we will encourage all outpatient healthcare clinics in our region to begin the process of education patients about clinical research and the benefits thereof using existing publicly available resources that are also culturally sensitive.

Patient Education Resources: Videos; Brochures; and Finding a Clinical Trial

What’s driving this change?
  • New business processes and emerging business partners are making it easier for physicians and clinics to participate (lower risk, reduced start-up costs, improved odds of success, etc.).
  • The shift from one-sized fits all healthcare to personalized precision medicine.
  • The shift toward value-based care.
  • Increased awareness that the US needs to proactively implement solutions that can address health inequities disproportionately impacting the health and health outcomes of lower socioeconomic and minority groups.
  • The clinical trial Industry is looking for quicker, better, faster, cheaper ways to bring new healthcare products to market.
What are the key industry objectives?
  • Grow minority participation in clinical research.
  • Grow and diversify the investigator and clinical research workforce.
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