The mission of the MCA’s Clinical Trials Consortium is to cultivate, expand, and accelerate our region’s infrastructure and competitiveness in clinical research and innovation.


To be a significant contributor to the global healthcare community by helping advance the commercialization of novel diagnostics and medical breakthroughs that help individuals live longer, healthier, and more active lives.


The Clinical Trials Consortium is a forum that facilitates dialogue among stakeholders. It organizes, plans, and implements strategies and initiatives designed to grow our region’s clinical research community, expand community access to cutting edge medicine, engage local physicians to participate in clinical research, and provide high quality clinical research job opportunities.


  1. Continue to catalog the clinical research industry in West Texas and Southern New Mexico, establish an industry baseline, then use this information for strategic analysis and to track industry changes over time.
  2. Identify weaknesses in the regional ecosystem that could prevent or limit the future growth of clinical research.
  3. Update our strategic plan for improving the overall competitiveness of our region’s clinical research and health care infrastructure. This plan will be updated annually as progress is made and when new disruptions, threats, or opportunities are identified. The strategic plan is intended to identify the core set of initiatives meant to create a meaningful positive impact for our community and industry stakeholders across our ecosystem.
  4. Implement strategic initiatives.
  5. Partner with other stakeholders and clinical research professionals to execute a strategy for clinical research growth and innovation in our area.
  6. Excite, inspire, and motivate our region’s clinical research and healthcare organizations to grow and thrive.
  7. Measure the impact of the strategic initiatives on key performance metrics.
  8. Disseminate what is learned.


The Clinical Trials Consortium is comprised of more than thirty key industry stakeholders from West Texas and Southern New Mexico. Members include hospital and health systems, physicians, clinical research coordinators, investigator sites, investigators, diagnostic service providers, academic faculty, and others. As the Executive Sponsor, the Medical Center of the Americas Foundation serves as a convener and neutral facilitator for the Clinical Trials Consortium.

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If you would like to join the Consortium, please contact Michaele Linden Johnson. You will be added to our distribution list and be notified of future Consortium meetings and events.

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