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The Nurse Innovator Accelerator is a binational program that empowers nurses, and other healthcare workers, to take their innovative ideas from concept to prototype to production. Through education, training, one-on-one support, and access to resources for rapid prototyping and fabrication the NI Accelerator moves healthcare professionals into the entrepreneurial landscape. With a science and engineering-focused approach, healthcare professionals become one step closer to improving the healthcare workplace by moving ideas from the bench to the bedside. The Nurse Innovator Accelerator is a joint program of the MCA Innovation Center in partnership with FabLab El Paso and FabLab Cd. Juarez. This pilot is funded by the Workers Lab.

Funded by: The Workers Lab Innovation Fund


The Nurse Innovator Accelerator is an 18-week program that takes a product development lifecycle approach from concept to commercialization. With a curriculum centered around the critical product development phases of concept, planning, design, and launch, participants can build a solid foundation of best practices for how to test an idea, build a prototype, develop a business model and value proposition that delivers the product in the right way to the right market. In addition to training and support, will be provided with access to facilities and workspaces as appropriate and special event programming throughout the year. Interested nurses and other healthcare professionals can apply as individuals or as teams.


If you have an existing health tech product or an idea for a product and are looking to further develop your technology or business, you are invited to apply below. Interested applicants can apply as individuals or as teams. Applications are due by June 25, 2021.

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