Minerva Genetics

COLA accredited and CLIA certified clinical diagnostics laboratory utilizing next-generation-sequencing for genomic analysis of actionable mutations in tumors, cancer predisposition screening, and microbiological sample testing.


Web-based software to provide genetic counselors with continuously updated information from peer-reviewed research on the significance of genomic data, with individual genomic analysis presented in a simple format understandable by patients.

Oten Medical

Device to dry bodies, particularly feet, of diabetic patients to prevent or mitigate complications related to non-healing diabetic ulcers, and provide clinical-quality images to a treating physician.

Star Innovations

Novel biocompatible piezoelectric material that can be 3D printed and is suitable for energy harvesting from human body contact, and medical sensor development powered by this material.


Molecularly-imprinted polymer based sensor platform for disease diagnostics, where an imprint is made in a silica bead to match an antibody, virus, or other analyte of interest, allowing only one substance to bind to the bead, and infrared transmission detection of binding activity.

Active Company

Activity tracking integration into a device-agnostic corporate wellness platform, delivering personalized goals and encouragement tailored to each individual user.

Minus Tau

Impact sensor system with location-of-impact and long-term exposure tracking information for helmets that improves upon the clinically relevant information currently provided by “smart helmets”.


Telemedicine app that facilitates reimbursable patient interaction with remote specialists through a provider-managed interface.

Atlas Regeneration Technologies

Water hardness sensor that can reduce water and energy consumption by commercial and residential water softeners by providing reliable information on hardness and controlling recharge cycles, improving on current arbitrary calendar-based recharges.

MicroBioChip Diagnostics

Paper/polymer hybrid microfluidic lab-on-chip for delivering low cost means of diagnosing disease at the point-of-care that requires minimal additional instrumentation making it suitable for low resource settings.

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