The future of the clinical trial industry is expanding beyond academic medical center settings to the community hospitals and medical clinics.

Today, the clinical trial industry calls for initiatives to drive efficient, effective, high-quality delivery of new medicines, improving the health of people around the world. Competitive hubs are increasing patient access to clinical trials by integrating clinical research into the continuum of care.

Thus, the MCA has launched initiatives to foster clinical research in healthcare systems and outpatient clinics throughout the region.

Clinical Trials Consortium

The MCA’s Clinical Trials Consortium is a forum that facilitates dialogue among stakeholders. It organizes, plans, and implements strategies and initiatives designed to make a significant contribution to the global community. The goal of the consortium is to advance the commercialization of novel diagnostics and medical breakthroughs that help people live longer, healthier and more active lives.

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Support Existing Sites

MCA is engaged in an on-going dialogue with existing clinical research sites in the region on how we can support their needs, goals and interests. Support of existing sites may involve business introductions, investigator and coordinator and investigator candidate referrals, grant opportunity identification and support, facilitating educational and networking events, trial and site marketing and promotion, etc.

Grow the Region's Infrastructure & Workforce

MCA plans and strategizes on how to grow clinical trial infrastructure, capacity and capabilities in the region in a manner that is forward thinking and in-line with the future of clinical trials.

Provide Educational Opportunities & Community Outreach

MCA facilitates community-wide education, communication and collaboration aimed at engaging the medical community in clinical research, deepening clinical research understanding, recruiting trial workforce and recruiting patients and subjects to trials.

Foster Collaborative Partnerships

MCA fosters collaborative partnerships with national clinical research organizations, site networks and industry associations to do all of the above.

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